Opstrup Marine Service is worldwide on-site service

We provide worldwide on-site service, primarily on cargo line and cargo tank safety valves, as well as cargo deep pumps and booster pumps.

Do you need assistance?

Call us: +45 3133 9812

Send e-mail: info@omse.dk


What does ‘repair’ include?

  • Broad knowledge of and experience in the market’s new and traditional solutions

  • Maintenance in accordance with manufacturers’ standards

  • Worldwide on-site service, or in Opstrup Marine’s own workshop


What does ‘maintenance’ include?

  • Proper maintenance guards against breakdowns

  • The dismantling of parts, tests and assessment

  • Recommendations regarding maintenance plans which guard against breakdowns and keep systems functional


What does ‘refurbishment’ include?

  • Refurbishment of passive equipment

  • Ensuring the ‘backing-up’ of equipment

  • Service in Opstrup Marine’s own workshop, on ships, at port, or where necessary


What does ‘inspection’ include?

  • Worldwide on-site inspection and assessment

  • Report documenting the condition of equipment

  • Ensuring functional operating conditions and capacity